Above and Beyond

Krissy Bofia

Local 697 - Toledo, OH member Krissy Bofia is a single mother of two who has always been a bright spot at her Local since joining a year ago. Krissy was talking to a close friend who is a teacher at Rosa Parks Elementary School and she mentioned that her students were collecting water for families in Flint, Michigan, impacted by the water lead crisis.

Touched by the students’ generosity and as a Toledoan, who knew exactly what it was like to be able to wake up one day and not be able to drink, cook or shower with water from your faucet, Krissy knew she had to pitch in. So with a few signs and a big heart, Krissy began asking her fellow 697 brothers and sisters to support the cause. Word spread quickly and the donations began to roll in quickly.

Within just a week to her surprise, the donations had filled up a 40-foot bus full of bottled water. Krissy couldn’t have been prouder of her fellow union members when she delivered the bottled water to the Rosa Parks Elementary students.

We at the ATU International applaud Krissy for her compassion, care for those in need, her determination and for setting an example for all ATU members to follow.

Above & Beyond Honor Roll