Above and Beyond

Kim Trueman

A Local 615-Saskatoon, SK, bus operator is being hailed as a hero for helping a woman and her small dogs after being attacked by two larger dogs.
Operator Kim Trueman has seen senior citizen Lynn Brodin walking with her two Bichon Frises many times on her route before, but had never spoken with her. That day she saw Brodin was holding one of her dogs and seemed to be in distress so she stopped her bus to ask if she was ok. "I knew there was something wrong with her the minute I saw her. You could see it in her face, in her eyes,” said Trueman, who has been driving city buses since 2010. “You could tell she was distressed, very distressed.”
Brodin appeared to be in shock and both her dogs were bleeding. Brodin wasn’t able to carry both animals at the same time so Trueman picked up her larger dog and helped all three get on the bus.
“I put them safely on the bus where I knew nothing else could happen to them, at least until we could get help,” Trueman said. “As far as working with Transit, we’ve always had safety in mind and I really don’t think it matters if it’s kids, if it’s adults, if it’s animals.”
Trueman called Brodin the next day to see how she and the dogs were doing and they even plan to meet for coffee soon. ATU salutes Trueman for quick action and compassion.

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