Above and Beyond

Kenneth Rhodes

Local 627 – Cincinnati member Kenneth Rhodes is already setting an example for all ATU members despite only being bus driver for Metro, Cincinnati’s transit system since 2005.

While on his usual route Rhodes spotted two young children in just diapers alone wandering on the street. Recognizing something wasn’t right, he stopped his vehicle and brought the 2-year-old and 4-year-old onto his bus and called for assistance. The Cincinnati Police came and took the kids to a safe location.

"We are so glad that a Metro bus operator was vigilant and stepped in to help," said Metro's CEO Terry Garcia Crews about Rhodes quick action. "Operator Rhodes helped prevent these children from possibly being injured. We are proud to have another Metro hero who helped keep children safe."

For his Rhodes was presented with the CEO's STAR Award at a Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority Board meeting, for demonstrating exemplary service. The STAR Award stands for 'Service That Attracts Recognition'.

Rhodes is from Colerain Township and has been a Metro bus driver since 2005.

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