Above and Beyond

Jackie Herbert

Wilmington, DE, member saves life on bus

It’s not always easy to tell the difference between someone who is asleep and a person who is having a medical emergency, but Jackie Herbert, 842-Wilmington, DE, took the time to find out if something was wrong with one of his passengers, and saved his life.  Herbert was presented with a certificate of recognition for quickly calling “911” which saved the life of a rider in cardiac arrest.

Herbert was operating his route in downtown Wilmington when a passenger informed him that he had a “sleeper” in the back of the bus.  Herbert attempted to wake up the man who was slumped over in his seat, without success.  He then rolled the passenger on his back, and determined that he was having a health crisis.

Herbert called “911” and waited with the man until EMTs arrived.  The passenger was taken to the hospital where he was revived.

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