Above and Beyond

Domenic Gouveia

Recently one morning Local 113-Toronto, ON, bus driver Domenic Gouveia was driving his regular route when he noticed an older man sitting in a bus shelter who looked confused. Gouveia opened his bus door to talk to the man and immediately realized something wasn’t quite right as the man had on only a light coat despite the cold day.

Concerned, Gouveia invited the man on his bus to get warm and then noticed a bruise on his eye and cut on his finger. He drove the man on his route to see if he recognized any building, but the man didn’t.

Gouveia was about to call transit control to report the incident when he texted his wife to see if the news had reported anyone was missing. His wife told him that she saw a story on the local news that an older man with dementia was reported missing early that morning. She then sent her husband a photo of the man. Domenic immediately recognized it was that man on his bus and called transit control. He then waited with the man until the police came to help.

Praised as a hero

Police arrived and reunited the man with his family.
They praised Gouveia for his action calling him a hero.

“I’m glad that he is safe and with his family – that’s important. For me, I’m not a hero or anything like that
it’s just doing what you have to do and I made a friend,” said Gouveia.

Above & Beyond Honor Roll