Above and Beyond

Clyde Brabson

ATU hero saves gunshot victim

Local 568- Erie, PA member Clyde Brabson just got off of work and was heading home when a man approached his car and asked to be taken to the hospital. Without hesitation, Brabson let what he now noticed was a gunshot victim into his car, called the hospital and told them he was on his way. Instead of simply dropping him off, Brabson selflessly waited at the hospital until the police arrived.

Brabson, a member of Local 568 and driver for the “E” transit agency for 15 years, is a model citizen who is well-liked and respected by his fellow union members. Known for giving back to those in need, Brabson recently donated an unused gift to a local shelter for battered women.

“Clyde showed extreme bravery by not only helping a citizen in need but using his own vehicle to transport the victim to the hospital,” says Local president, John Renwick. “He is always willing to help. This exemplifies his character and we are honored to call him our brother.” 

ATU honors the bravery and kind heart of Brother Brabson.