Above and Beyond

Cheryl Moore

It was a cold, wintry day in South Bend, Indiana when senior operator Sister Cheryl Moore of Local 996 was driving her normal route and noticed something out of the ordinary. From the corner of her eye, Moore saw a six-year-old girl wandering the streets, crying, and shivering without a coat. Cars had driven by and splashed the poor young girl.

Without thinking Moore quickly stopped the bus and brought the frightened child to safety. She then took her to the downtown bus station, where she was met by a police officer. It turned out the young girl had walked away from school and was lost. She had been lost for nearly two hours.

For her quick and kindhearted deed, Moore was recognized by the South Bend City Common Council and received a Commendation plaque from the TRANSPO Board of Directors.

The ATU applauds Moore for her actions and setting an example for all ATU members to help those in need.


Above & Beyond Honor Roll