Our Union


Departments / Staff

International President's Office

Lauri Straughan, Senior Staff Director / Executive Assistant to the International President

International Executive Vice President's Office

Kristi Adams, Administrative Assistant to the International Executive Vice President

International Secretary-Treasurer's Office

Doreen Price, Administrative Assistant to the International Secretary-Treasurer



Hannah Shin, COPE Administrator


David Roscow, Assistant to the President, Communications
Shawn Perry, Director
Paul Fitzgerald, Deputy Director of New Media and Production


Nancy Trumbull, Director

Legal Department

Dan Smith, Assistant General Counsel
Jessica Chu, Associate Counsel

Government Affairs

Jeffrey Rosenberg, Director
Regina Eberhart, Assistant Director of Legislative and Political Action

Training & Field Mobilization

Chris Townsend, Director of Field Mobilization
Todd Brogan, Field Mobilization Specialist


Vaughn Dykes, Assistant to the President, Operations
Allen Nuccio, Deputy Director of Operations

Strategic Research

Andrew Gena, Senior Strategic Researcher

Special Projects

Ed Watt, Director of Special Projects

Information Technology

Joseph Wible, Deputy Director
Maurice Petty, Network Administrator

NOTE: The International cannot accept official correspondence by email.
Such correspondence must be signed and delivered by fax or postal service.