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Long Beach Transit Workers

Long Beach Transit Workers honored for heroism by Long Beach Police Foundation

Four members of Local 1277, who work for Long Beach Transit, were honored for their bravery, skill and dedication at Long Beach Police Foundation’s 47th Annual Awards Ceremony for the Long Beach Police Department. Below are their stories of heroism.


On July 6, 2014, the Long Beach Police Communications Center called Long Beach Transit Communications regarding a missing 10-year-old boy. Transit Communications Supervisor LaRashanda Wheeler relayed the critical missing boy’s description to all LBT coach operators and field personnel. Coach Operator Ian Fennell notified Supervisor Wheeler that he had a passenger on board who matched the description of the missing boy. Long Beach Police responded to Ocean Boulevard and 8th Place and when they boarded the bus, they confirmed the boy was the missing child and reunited him with his family. Transit Supervisor LaRashanda Wheeler and Coach Operator Ian Fennell are to be commended for their diligence and quick actions that helped save significant manpower and resources and led to the safe return of a missing child.


On July 9, 2014, the Long Beach Police Communications Center contacted Long Beach Transit Communications regarding a missing 17-year-old girl and a five-year-old boy. Police officers were frantically searching for the children and believed they were possibly the victims of foul play. Transit Supervisor Jesus Santana, who was working dispatch when the call came in, relayed the missing persons’ information to all coach operators and field personnel. Coach Operator Angela Allen notified Supervisor Santana that she had possibly dropped off the missing subjects, at Bellflower Boulevard and Flower Street, and they were last seen walking northbound on Bellflower Boulevard. Due to the lead from Long Beach Transit, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was notified and the missing children were located at Alondra and Bellflower Boulevard, in the City of Bellflower. The children were safe and had not been victims of a crime. Long Beach Transit Supervisor Jesus Santana and Coach Operator Angela Allen are to be commended for their attention to detail and timely response to this situation. Their quick actions saved law enforcement from using significant manpower and resources during the search and ensured the safe return of the missing children.


On June 6, 2014, Long Beach Transit Coach Operator Driver Nanette West notified Transit Communications about a young man who entered her bus with his dog and walked to the rear of the bus without paying his fare. When she attempted to communicate to the young man, she realized that he was disabled and alone and became concerned for the young man’s safety. She requested assistance from a Transit Enforcement Officer. While an officer was on his way to evaluate the situation, Long Beach Police Dispatch aired information regarding a critical missing 19-year- old male, with mental capacity of a 5-year-old boy, and his missing dog. The officer boarded the bus and confirmed the passenger in question was the missing subject. He was later reunited with his family. Coach Operator Nanette West is to be commended for her compassion, care for the community, and her attention to detail in recognizing a situation that involved safety concerns for one of her passengers.


On June 15, 2014, at 7:15 a.m., a Long Beach Police Transit Enforcement Officer obtained information regarding a critically missing 89-year-old man with a severe medical condition. The officer contacted Transit Communications Supervisor Sixto Macias, who relayed the missing man’s information to all coach operators and field personnel.

At approximately 9:45 a.m., Coach Operator Geneva Clayborne notified Transit Communications that she believed the missing man was a passenger on her bus. This information was relayed to the officers who were searching for the man and they responded to the area of Santa Fe Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway to board the bus. The officers confirmed the identity of the missing man and reunited him with his family. Transit Supervisor Sixto Macias and Coach Operator Geneva Clayborne are to be commended for their diligence and attention to detail, which resulted in the safe return of a critically ill missing person.

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